Camo Wedding Rings

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Are you or a loved one in the military? Camo fan? Redneck? Ex-Military? An outdoorsy fan?! Well I am and that is why I created this affordable, yet high quality, titanium Camo Ring!!!

  • Our Camouflage Wedding Band is made of STRONG TITANIUM!
  • Stunning on Women or Men!
  • Sizes US 5-14
  • 8mm wide band
  • Titanium is a lightweight and strong metal…ohh just what space shuttles are made of!!!
  • Tungsten, Silver and Gold wedding bands are heavy on your hand!
  • Do you live near the ocean or swim in salt water often? If your answer is yes, our Titanium Camo Rings hold up to extensive exposure to salt water and sun.
  • Titanium is also 100 percent hypoallergenic (Titanium is used for surgical tools)! Individuals often have allergic reactions to silver, gold and tungsten!
  • Titanium jewelry also has a great advantage in its ability to avoid tarnish, unlike silver or gold.
  • Titanium material and the resin coated fiber inlay do make these rings non-resizeable…but don’t worry, check your ring size now for FREE!

THESE CAMO RINGS DON”T PEEL or FADE!!! Many camo rings on the market are camo dipped like a camo dipped army weapon for example, which chip and peel easily!
We dip an ORIGINAL camo pattern onto a high quality fiber inlay, heat press it into a di-cut titanium band and then PROTECT it with a heat pressed, 1/8″ thick, hard jeweler strength, clear resin coating!!
OUR CAMO WON’T FADE OR PEEL LIKE THE COMPETITION! Plus if you need to EXCHANGE for a different size…NO PROBLEM…ship it back with a note of your address and new exchange size you need!

Thanks for looking!